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We pick up your used scrap in the Phoenix, AZ area! We are based in the west valley, and will go virtually anywhere to pick up scrap metal. We work with many air conditioning companies and pick up the old units. We also pick up all kinds of scrap. Do you have an old fridge or washer and dryer you need hauled away? Call Scrappy Dooo, and we will be there! WE LOVE SCOOPING SCRAP! 623.523.4945 

We take dead batteries!

We take dead batteries! Stop wondering how to properly dispose of your used car battery, or any battery for that matter. Scrappy Dooo will come and get them for you.

Get rid of that car?

Yes! We also will pick up that old heap of junk car that is missing a motor, has no tires, or whatever. We don't care; we just love picking of the scrap!

Old Appliances!

Yes, we pick those up too! We will pick up any kind of metal and scrap you have. Call us for more details. 623.523.4945

Old A/C unit pickups!

Residential & Commercial A/C unit pick up. When you get your new A/C unit we take care of the removal and proper disposal.

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Residential & Industrial Scrapping

Scrappy Dooo is a recycling scrapyard in Surprise, Arizona. We service all of the West Valley’s residential & industrial needs for scrap metal recycling. We buy ferrous, and non-ferrous metals,  copper,...


Scrapping Copper, Aluminum, & Steel

Copper In good condition, copper is a reddish color. When it is worn, it can have a darker brown color with green rusted areas. It is found in homes as...


Scrap Metal Scrapping Surprise, AZ 85378

Environmental Responsibility Metals from vehicles, household appliances, and other products that are no longer in use can contribute to re-creating other items. Putting this metal back into circulation is a...


Scrapping Saves Energy!

Scrappy Dooo Recycling scrap metal lowers greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore. When a recycled material is used to make a new product,...


Scrap Pile Taking Space?

Do you have a scrap pile in your yard that is taking up space? Did you know that pile of junk could be worth a lot of money to you?...


Scrap Metal Buyer In Surprise, AZ

Scrappy Dooo is a scrap metal buyer located in Surprise, AZ. We focus on purchasing and recycling all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We have competitive scrap metal...


Get Easy Cash From Your Junk Car!

Scrappy Dooo lets you sell your old vehicle easily and quickly! We offer junk car removal to anyone that wants easy extra cash! All you have to do is give...


Aluminum Metal Scrap Recycling

Aluminum is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal. Aluminum is significant for its low density and ability to avoid corrosion. Scrappy Dooo purchases all types of aluminum including clean aluminum...


West Valley Scrap Pick-up

Scrappy Dooo offers scrap metal recycling of non-ferrous metals and ferrous scrap, auto salvage, electronics recycling, and more services. Scrappy Dooo provides exceptional recycling services for anyone whether it’s someone...


Get Paid! Surprise, AZ 85378

Scrappy Dooo is a metal recycling and scrap metal yard in Surprise, AZ to serve the communities in the West Valley. We buy and recycle metals of all types, shapes...